Meet the Team

2019 – 2020 Topperettes Dance Team


Meet Coach Rebeca Gamborino


Rebeca has 25 years of dance training and has worked and choreographed for award winning companies and studios. She was the Competitive Dance Director for Frisco Dance Force and assistant Company Director for the Dance Zone. She is currently the assistant Company Director for Synergy Dance Company in Austin. As a performer and artist, Rebeca’s had the privilege of choreographing and performing in her own work at various Texas Dance Festivals. This includes 10 Min Max in Austin, The Texas Dance Improv Festival, the Austin Dance Festival and Dance to Breathe. She’s also had the privilege of choreographing and performing for The Dance Project for four seasons. She was a member of Muscle Memory Dance Theatre, a contemporary dance company based in Dallas. She is now in her fourth season of performing with the Andrea Torres Dance Company. Recently, her dance film, “Just Another Stroll” was screened at the 2019 ATX Dance Summer Film Festival. Rebeca holds a Bachelor of Fine Dance from Texas State University. She brings with her charisma and energy as well as new training techniques to build stronger dancers. Her choreography is both athletic and artistic and full of energy from beginning. She currently lives and creates in Austin with her partner and baby boy.

Meet our Team

Sarah DeWhitt
Class of 2021
Jessica Ford 
Vice President 
Class of 2022


Lexie Murphy
Class of 2020


Jaime Tate
Class of 2022






Bailey Tipton
Class of 2020
Mariana Casillas
Class of 2020
Kay Pineda
Class of 2020
Jaeme Andrews
Class of 2021
Alyssa Royon
Class of 2023
Celeste Correa
Class of 2023